With nearly ten years experience in various educational roles, I have designed and developed a wide range of educational resources. I aspire to create innovative and creative resources to further diversity learning experiences and to reach wider audiences. 

Victoria University of Wellington 

As a course coordinator/teaching fellow for the Centre for Science in Society Centre I developed three university programmes from scratch in 2018. Designing the blended university programmes involved coordinating with guest speakers and academic experts to organise seminars, lectures and facilitated workshops. Further design of course materials included handbooks, presentation slides and promotional material. Learning objectives, assessments and evaluation forms were written in conjunction with academic experts. 

University of Otago 

My masters thesis in Science Communication explored the benefits and barriers to the use of Augmented Reality as an educational tool. As a creative component to complement my thesis, I researched, wrote and illustrated a prehistoric children’s book about Antarctic with augmented media. To unify my research efforts, I designed a poster to present at the Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference in 2018. An added feature was viewers could interact with the poster by augmenting the selected fossil icons to bring to life 3D models and 2D films.

CORE Education

As part of my own internship programme at CORE Education, I explored the use of 3D photography with embedded multimedia to design and produce innovative digital learning resources. The LEARNZ project was to create a virtual field trip to Antarctica to explore scientific research in the Ross Island region and historic huts from early explorers. One hundred short stories were researched and written and produced into audio stories with dialogue and narration to complement the illustrations and film footage. The virtual field trip could be viewed in both 2D and 3D offering different levels of immersion and a sense of presence in Antarctica. 


Science writing, science illustration, data visualisation, exhibition design, podcasting, interviewing, research and report writing, newsletter/blog post writing, project/team coordination

Instructional Design Resources

E-learning modules, procedure/training manuals, assessment guidelines, information booklets, activity sheets, infographics, video/podcast scripts, interpretation panels, eBooks, presentations

Subject Areas

Earth/space science, aviation, travel, geography, culture, biodiveristy, botany, health