I am an educator, writer and artist curious about the biodiverse planet we live in. Share in my passion for the environment through my portfolio of artwork, photography and writing. From the Atacama Desert to the Amazon, Mount Everest to Madagascar, I have had the chance to explore diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Communicating these experiences has bought many rewards, both in the classroom and through my art and writing. My inspiration comes not only from being in nature but also visiting galleries, exhibitions and museums.

As a self-taught artist, I enjoy working with a range of media to produce various photographs, paintings and illustrations for exhibitions and other forms of visual communication. As a writer I enjoy writing for a range of publications, including educational resources, science articles, newsletters, reports and scripts. The Earth is a dangerous beauty and my blog explores vast and varied landscapes with particular reference to travel, education and science storytelling. From the threat of volcanoes and earthquakes to the delights of hot springs and geothermal energy I write from an educator’s perspective and in memory of all those who have experience the fear and tragedy of mother nature. 

As an explorer, I have also explored the world of education. I have taught a range of subjects and age groups in a range of roles including biology teacher, training specialist, museum educator and content developer. Since completing my Masters of Science Communication at Otago University I have designed and coordinated university courses for Science in Society at Victoria University of Wellington and delivered planetarium shows and holiday programmes at Museums Wellington. I aspire to educate and entertain about our planet through designing educational programmes and stories. 

Suggestions and comments are welcome. I can be contacted by email: beccajohn@gmail.com. 

Rebecca drawing in pastel