A Love of Books

As part of another university assignment, I had the challenge of writing and illustrating a children’s book. It took time, and it wasn’t as easy as you may think. But I did have a lot of fun with it. The story was based on climate and habitat changes, told through the characters Kiri the Kiwi... Continue Reading →

Colour the Ocean

Oceans are full of colourful biodiversity. After all, we are the blue planet in our solar system, that we ironically call Earth. Oceans cover more than 70% of our planet, and at least as many species that live on land. Most of us see this magnificent beauty through the medium of documentaries, books and the... Continue Reading →

Extremes Environments

Unusual rock landscapes are distinctive. Bizarre rock formations are twisted and contorted depicting an ancient story of thousands of years of erosion by wind and water. Memories from seeing some of the vast and unique formations in Bolivia inspired thoughts of how weathering and geological processes have sculptured such beauty. It was rock art. Rock Tree (Arbol de... Continue Reading →

Earth’s Romantic Past

Let’s mix up some ‘Cenozoic’ for a little adventure. Making fossils is not only fun but also a creative way for kids to learn about paleontology. A dash of plaster, paper cups and various objects, paints and colour pens does the trick. I find students have a particular fascination with fossils and exploring Earth’s species... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Classroom

The museum is such a great place to inspire learning, I think of them as ‘an enchanted classroom’. Even if the logistics of getting to a museum is difficult, there are often great resources available on their websites, catered primarily for teachers and school curriculums. New Zealand Museums While at teacher’s college, I naturally spent... Continue Reading →

Beyond Planet Earth

3,2,1 lift off!  A significant component of the new science curriculum engages students interests in space. I often found students fascinated by this topic - it inspires some imagination and philosophical questioning. What really is out there? Just how big is our universe? New Zealand has a number of planetariums and tours that are run... Continue Reading →

Shaky Scars

Are destructive earthquakes still predicted to happen in Christchurch? Apparently. Cantabrians have had their overdose of earthquake experiences. The emotional scars have run deeper than the physical scars in many cases. It was just by chance that during my time back in Christchurch over the Easter break that the Christchurch Community Response Team (CCR) knocked... Continue Reading →

Legends in the Rocks

Myths and legends are such an inviting way to learn about the landscape. It may not always been scientific, but that doesn’t have to matter. Often of great cultural significance, the story remains with us. It’s another way to respect nature. Storytelling can be an inspirational way to teach geology – it’s the legends in the... Continue Reading →

Geology Respected

Geology is not always about rocks - it can be exciting.  It can also be extremely hazardous. New Zealanders know only too well the impact of the recent earthquakes in Christchurch. Let’s look at something exciting - that is if you enjoy learning science.  New Zealand’s science curriculum has recently introduced a new subject called Earth... Continue Reading →

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