Snowy Sagas

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere" Carl Sagan Science and imagination are an interesting mix. I'm sure it's spurred on some fascinating scienific discoveries in history. It's also a great way to explain science as I was to find out on my travels to Iceland.... Continue Reading →

Macro and Micro Cosmos

I’ve previously attended a presentation led by artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt in their pursuit to unite science and art. And I was certainly keen to hear the duo artists speak again as we walked around their current exhibition at the City Art Gallery in Wellington. They are called Semi-Conductor – their work showcasing... Continue Reading →

Astronomy and Architecture

We are spoilt with technology today. Thanks to Google and other digital devices, we are constantly reminded of the time. Calendars also help to remind us when equinoxes occur (equal days and nights as the sun crosses the celestial equator) or summer and winter solstices (the longest and shortest days of the year). Measuring time... Continue Reading →

Shaky Scars

Are destructive earthquakes still predicted to happen in Christchurch? Apparently. Cantabrians have had their overdose of earthquake experiences. The emotional scars have run deeper than the physical scars in many cases. It was just by chance that during my time back in Christchurch over the Easter break that the Christchurch Community Response Team (CCR) knocked... Continue Reading →

Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Earth knows how to rock and roll. Tragedy hit Ecuador last Saturday with an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. It’s unavoidable - the power of geological forces struck, taking over 500 lives and injuring over 4000 people. Such devastation. I was in Ecuador three months ago and discovered a beautiful country with a poor economy. Now... Continue Reading →

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