Shaky Scars

Are destructive earthquakes still predicted to happen in Christchurch? Apparently. Cantabrians have had their overdose of earthquake experiences. The emotional scars have run deeper than the physical scars in many cases. It was just by chance that during my time back in Christchurch over the Easter break that the Christchurch Community Response Team (CCR) knocked... Continue Reading →

Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Earth knows how to rock and roll. Tragedy hit Ecuador last Saturday with an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. It’s unavoidable - the power of geological forces struck, taking over 500 lives and injuring over 4000 people. Such devastation. I was in Ecuador three months ago and discovered a beautiful country with a poor economy. Now... Continue Reading →

A century later

How often have you enjoyed the wonders of a national park? Is it time to get outside for some R & R with nature? After all, it is the centennial since America began the National Park movement, with the support of the National Geographic Society. In fact, it is National Park Week, allowing free admission to 127 parks in... Continue Reading →

Legends in the Rocks

Myths and legends are such an inviting way to learn about the landscape. It may not always been scientific, but that doesn’t have to matter. Often of great cultural significance, the story remains with us. It’s another way to respect nature. Storytelling can be an inspirational way to teach geology – it’s the legends in the... Continue Reading →

Volcanic Cities

Have you ever had the chance to see a volcano erupt? From a safe distance of course! A few years ago, I was catching a taxi just before sunrise to Guatemala’s international airport, when I was surprised to see red lava flows burning brightly in the distance, intensified by the darkness of the sky. It... Continue Reading →

Fire and Ice

It was a year ago exactly when I explored Iceland on my birthday. I decided to relive the memory with this blog entry today. I loved the raw energy with temperatures barely inching above zero degrees.  Located just under the Artic circle, Iceland is considered only 20% habitable. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and... Continue Reading →

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